Volunteer Training

Online Volunteer Training
Whether it’s your first time in the classroom, or you’re a long-time volunteer looking to get better acquainted with JA programs, you’ll find these short videos to be a big help.

JA in a Day/What to Expect– a great video about what you can expect as a one day volunteer

JA in a Day/Logistics– a short video to help answer your logistical questions

JA in a Day training– this video was created by our own Candice Hodge, giving volunteers the tools they need to get ready for a JA in one day (especially if they have missed our live training sessions)


Traditional Program Videos for Success

The Traditional JA Volunteer Experience– what it’s like to volunteer on a weekly basis in the classroom

JA Ourselves– the Kindergarten program

JA Our Families– the first grade program

JA Our Community– the second grade program

JA Our City– the third grade program

JA Our Region– the fourth grade program

JA Our Nation– the fifth grade program


Videos for all volunteers

Student and Classroom Management Part 1

Student and Classroom Management Part 2


Blended Program Online Resources
JA Global Marketplace Blended– the 6th grade program

JA Personal Finance Blended-the high school program

JA It’s My Future Blended– the middle school program