Volunteer Success Checklist

1._______ Submit a Brevard Public Schools Volunteer Application no fewer than two weeks prior to your first classroom presentation. https://www.brevardschools.org/Page/11104

2._______ Contact Assigned Teacher by email to determine:

  • Presentation schedule: date and time for each program session.
  • School sign-in procedures & parking requirements.
  • Meeting place and classroom location.
  • Use of audio/visual equipment, if needed.
  • Treats are optional; please check with the teacher about allergies.

3._______ Prepare for each class presentation:

  • Allow 15-30 minutes of preparation time prior to each session.
  • Review the Guide Book for Teachers and Volunteers prior to each session.
  • Prepare provided materials for each session (do not prepare materials in class).
  • Practice games and activities.

4._______ If you received United Way Title 1 Pre/Post Test Survey materials, please submit your student survey results online at https://jaspacecoast.org/pre-and-post-test-survey/

5._______ After your first session, submit the Class Registration form online at https://jaspacecoast.org/class-registration/

6._______ After the last class presentation submit the Class Completion Form online at https://jaspacecoast.org/forms/class-completion/

7._______ Return remaining materials to the JASC office, or schedule a pickup with JA staff. Returned materials save us thousands of dollars each school year!

8._______ Share your thoughts: