Digital Media Policy

Junior Achievement of Space Coast

Digital Media Policy for Volunteers


 In order to ensure the health, safety, and success of JA students, volunteers, and staff, this Digital Media Policy sets forth expectations and standards for digital interactions that JA volunteers and staff have with students and others.

JA volunteers and staff must communicate online appropriately, professionally, and respectfully, just as JA would expect them to communicate if they were present in person. Profanity, sexualized language, jokes, or images, or communications about adult topics, drugs or alcohol, are never appropriate when working with students of any age, whether it be in written communications, streaming video, or otherwise over the Internet. It is expected that volunteers’ online interactions with students are strictly related to the role of business mentor. JA volunteers and staff must limit their communication with students solely to official JA-administered or JA-sanctioned platforms, and meetings and other interactions with students on a one-to-one basis should be avoided. Volunteers and staff should not “friend,” “follow,” “add,” “accept,” or privately correspond with students online or through any digital channel, including via text, e-mail, or any social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Any online misconduct or conduct that falls below the standards expected by JA can result in immediate and permanent dismissal as a JA volunteer.

All online actions, including on personal social media accounts, should be presumed public. Followers may record or take screenshots, making even private communications and accounts—and even deleted posts—susceptible to being shared publicly. The only social media interaction with students should occur through a JA-administered social media platform as part of a JA program and with the consent of students’ parents. JA volunteers should not communicate with any students through any platform not directly controlled by JA. Admins, editors, and account holders of JA social media accounts must keep all personal social media separate from the JA social media profiles they manage.

Information can spread quickly online and can easily be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Any posts that reference JA or link to a JA website should reflect JA in a positive light and include only accurate public information.

Taking unauthorized photographs/videos of members or participants, guests, volunteers, students or children is prohibited. JA volunteers and staff should refrain from sharing these photos/videos, whether on personal social media accounts or otherwise. If pictures are needed for JA’s website, flyers, social media, etc., they are to be taken by designated/approved staff only and must be accompanied by a signed photo release form to be kept on file.

Any online platform, website, or social media account used by JA volunteers or staff for JA promotion or for JA related communications is an “Official JA Profile.” As the exclusive property of Junior Achievement, JA will retain all Official JA Profiles when the volunteer/staff associated with the profile ends his or her relationship with JA for any reason. Two or more JA volunteers/staff must have access to “admin” status on each Official JA Profile. Each JA volunteer/staff who manages or has access to Official JA Profiles will provide the username and password to the social media profiles to the local JA office. JA volunteers/staff agree to cooperate in good faith with JA to ensure that JA has the ability to access and control all Official JA Profiles. Any JA volunteer/staff who reasonably suspects misconduct related to social media or any violation of this policy must report these suspicions immediately to the appropriate local JA representative.