By sharing your personal and professional experiences and skills with Junior Achievement students from your community, you help them make the connection between what they are learning in school and what they will need to succeed in work and life.

Volunteers embody the heart of Junior Achievement. They bring a message of opportunity and economic understanding to classrooms. No matter what your profession, YOU can carry that message to children and change their lives forever.

Junior Achievement provides the keys to your success: the training, the curriculum, and a classroom ready to meet you. All you need is your enthusiasm, your life experience, and a willingness to teach children about taking chances and shooting for the stars.

JA’s elementary, middle, and high school classroom curricula are designed to teach elementary students about their roles as individuals, workers, and consumers and to prepare middle grade and high school students for the key economic and workforce issues they will face. In addition to bringing the free enterprise system to life in the classroom, Junior Achievement programs teach young people the importance of staying in school.

“I am more than happy to volunteer and participate in the JA for a Day teaching events. It is honestly a fun experience and the reward, for me anyway, is to watch the kids really become active, participate and build on what they learn throughout the day. I have participated in 3 or 4 of these events now and the kids continue to amaze me each time, no matter which school I am at. Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer for JA, I sincerely appreciate it and I look forward to future JA for a Day teaching opportunities.” Eric L. Hostetler, Widerman Malek


The Commitment
5-7 classroom visits of 30-45 minutes each, depending on the grade level you choose. You can choose your classroom based on a number of factors: the age level of children that you enjoy interacting with, the proximity of the school to your office or home, the curriculum theme that most closely resembles your work experiences, or other variables. We’re flexible! To decide which classroom best suits you, click on this link for a description of JA programs.

How Do I Volunteer?
Junior Achievement makes it easy for you to volunteer. When you know what school and age level you would like to work with, click here to volunteer. You’ll be contacted by a JA staff member who will help you find the right classroom!

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to browse our current openings, click here.