After School

JA More than Money®

(Grades 3-5) What good is earning money if young people aren’t taught how to save, spend, and share it? This
program instills these essential skills in students and shows them how entrepreneurial thinking and financial
savvy can transform an idea into a business that can generate jobs and wealth for themselves and their

JA It’s My Business ®

(Grades 6-8) Can anyone learn to think and act like an entrepreneur? Most definitely. JA It’s My Business
demonstrates for students the key characteristics of becoming a successful entrepreneur: Believe in yourself,
fill a need, know your customer and product, and be creative and innovative.

JA Company Program ®

(Grades 9-12) When students think they’ve learned enough to start their own business, they should! This real
world program has students put theory into practice by starting their own venture, from concept to business
plan, financing, execution, sales and, ultimately, growth or demise. Through teamwork, students learn to
understand and appreciate the responsibilities each person has in running a business.