Middle School

Seventh and eighth grade students learn the economics of business, personal finance, and career
exploration. In addition, they learn the value of an education and the future economic benefits of
staying in school.

JA Economics for Success®

(7th Grade) What is personal finance? How do skills, interests, values, and education affect career options?
This program provides an opportunity for students to begin asking life questions and exploring how their
academic, economic, and ethical choices affect their lives.

JA It’s My Future®

(8th grade) What should I be doing?  This program provides practical information about preparing for the working world while still in middle school.  Includes exploration of potential careers, how to plan for a job and keep it, and developing personal-branding.

JA Career Speakers Series

(Grades K-12) In JA Career Speakers Series, a volunteer guest speaker visits the classroom and shares information about his or her career, work, and education experience. This series also has a digital library of recorded options to choose from.