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Educator Testimonials


“JA is relevant to my school, more so now than ever.”
Beth Westfall, assistant principal West Side elementary school

“It’s a way to expand our curriculum without having to put out more resources. That’s a win for everyone.”
Amy Kneesey, vice chairman of the Brevard County School Board

“I have long believed that this JA experience is so valuable for our UCF students and that actually it is a rare win for all experience, the UCF students, the school teachers, the school students, the UCF Education Profs, and the JA sponsors. ”
Michael Johnson, PhD, UCF Professor, College of Education

“The Kindergarten class was a lot of fun. The students did well with a new person in their classroom and the activities seemed to be accurately at their level. My overall feedback for this opportunity is that it was a tremendous hands-on experience for a pre-service teacher. I truly gained a lot of valuable classroom management information from Junior Achievement.”
Kristin Culbreth, UCF Elementary Education student and future teacher

“My students have learned so much from their JA volunteer and they have loved having her come each week. [She] was always so professional in her dress and in her speech as well as in her lesson planning and instruction. The students loved applying what they learned when they got to become the shoppers and the business owners. All of the weeks leading up to this fun lesson prepared the students to have real understanding as they role played. I was impressed that they really “got it”! Every teacher dreams of seeing the light bulb go on – and I saw it
over and over as our [JA volunteer] taught.”
Denise Callipari,3rd Grade Cambridge Elementary Magnet School

“Junior Achievement is an outstanding, motivating program for our elementary students. Several of [our teachers] had JA volunteers last year and all had great praise for the program.”
Hilah R. Mercer, Principal Cambridge Elementary Magnet School

Through relevant, hands-on learning, students begin to understand why their academic education is important for their futures. Junior Achievement programs are all correlated to Sunshine State Standards and each grade level curriculum.

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