Ambassador Circle: Corporate Sponsorship

The Ambassador Circle

A level of giving, which honors those businesses or organizations who pledge significant levels of support on a multi-year basis. Ambassador’s Circle organizations recognize that sustained support is key to the mission and have committed to financial and volunteer support, which is the magic formula to maintain Junior Achievement’s reach in the community.

Logo ParrishFounding Member 2015-2018, Renewed 2019-2021.

In 2014 Parrish Medical Group under the leadership of Laureate George Mikitarian and Vice President Natalie Sellers, proposed support for JASC, but in a manner not attached to a special event. The resulting agreement led to the creation of The Ambassador’s Circle. JASC will be forever grateful to Parrish Medical Center for such vibrant and visionary thinking.


MercedesAudiPorsche of Melbourne Member 2018-2021


Basic CMYK         Member 2018-2021

unnamed    Member 2018-2021


SEPD-Logo (2)

Member 2016-2019

Southeast Petroleum joined under the leadership of JASC’s longtime friend, Laureate, and new board member, Mike Shah. Mike and his son Summit Shah have become synonymous with the JASC Golf Classic. Mike’s commitment to the future of Brevard, his generosity to the community, and his belief in entrepreneurial values make SE Petro a natural fit for the Ambassador Circle.

Harris 2c

Member 2016-2019

Long a supporter of JASC, Harris Corporation, under the leadership of Laureate Bill Brown, entered the Ambassador Circle with a three-year investment of $30,000 and an ongoing commitment to encouraging volunteerism. In the 2017-18 school year, Harris placed volunteers in 64 classrooms between West Side and Palm Bay Elementary schools.

uw_3s_fullocalMember 2015-2018

United Way of Brevard, under the leadership of President Rob Raines, initiated a multi-year commitment which will allow JASC to expand into 36 new classrooms in United Way-targeted Title 1 schools with grade K-3 programs. Our volunteers incorporate literacy building into JASC lessons to support United Way’s work in early grade reading.