High School

With a range of different programs, Junior Achievement teaches about concepts relating to entrepreneurship,
financial literacy, and work readiness. The volunteers bring real-life business experience and guidance into the
classroom. All high school level programs are available to 9-12 grades, unless otherwise noted.

JA Be Entrepreneurial®

The challenge—start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school. JA Be Entrepreneurial dispels
entrepreneurship myths, gives students the essential tools needed to develop a business plan, and
provides the inspiration to take innovative action to successfully compete in the world’s marketplace.

JA Career Success®

Equips students with the tools and skills required to earn and keep a job in high-growth career industries.  Topics include soft skills, work priorities, STEM and other high-growth industries, personal branding and job-hunting tools – resumes, cover letters, interviews and digital profiles.

 JA Economics® (textbook, grades 10-12)

Reinforces the concepts of micro- and macro-economics by having students explore the basic characteristics of
the U. S. economic system and how economic principles influence business decisions. It also introduces students
to career opportunities, consumer issues, and helps reinforce important academic and leadership skills.

JA Personal Finance®

This individualized program introduces students to the importance of planning for their financial future.
The program demonstrates the roles that budgeting, saving and investing money, using credit cautiously,
and protecting one’s personal finances play in securing financial stability.

JA Exploring Economics®

Through hands-on classroom activities, JA Exploring Economics fosters lifelong skills and knowledge about
how the economy works, including micro-, macro-, personal, and international economics.
Students learn about the importance of international trade and the effects of inflation.