What is Junior Achievement?

JA is the oldest, largest, and fastest-growing non-profit economics education program throughout the
world. JA reaches students in grades K-12. All programs are delivered by individual volunteers. JA programs
are fun, hands-on programs that teach students the basics of life and equip them with the knowledge and
skills to make a better life. All programs are correlated to the Sunshine State Standards (link) and the grade
level curriculum. Therefore, educators fully enjoy the opportunity to involve their students.

How much time will it take?

The elementary school program consists of five (5), 30 to 45 minute sessions.
The middle grades program consists of six (6), 45 minute sessions.
The high school program consists of seven (7), 45 minute sessions.

What type of training is involved?

The new volunteer orientation takes as much time as you need to feel prepared for your JA volunteer
experience. Once you sign up, an appointment for your one-on-one orientation will be scheduled. JAin-
a-Day or other groups of volunteers may select a group training session.

Who can volunteer?

Volunteers are typically business professionals, college students, community members, or parents who
want to play an active part in participating in the education of students around them.

What if I can’t make it to one of my classes?

We know that you are busy and that work is a priority. We ask that you try your best to make it to each
and every class. However business meetings and travel are often unavoidable. We warn the teachers
about this ahead of time. If you cannot make a visit simply let your teacher know in advance and

What if my schedule is always changing?

If you want to volunteer but have a varying schedule, it may be best to work with a partner. Pick a fellow
colleague whom you enjoy spending time with. Collective teaching will make it fun for you and your
partner and he/she can always take over the class if you have a meeting. Consider setting aside a day to
volunteer at a JA-in-a-Day.

Am I qualified to volunteer in a classroom?

Volunteers come from all walks of life. A volunteer could be a valued employee, a retiree, a parent, or a
positive and inspirational college or high school student. A desire to be an inspirational role model is a
must, along with the ability to communicate, motivate, and create enthusiasm.

How do I get signed up to volunteer?

You can either email the Junior Achievement office at info@jaspacecoast.org or click here to sign up.