JA Workforce Development

JA Career Success + JA Job Shadow = Brevard’s Future Workforce

embraer shadowOur pilot group of workforce students- Bayside High manufacturing program treated to a day at Embraer with an in depth tour, access to executives, and interviews with line workers.

Brevard County is at a tipping point with workforce development in STEM skilled trades, high-tech manufacturing, STEM medical, and construction.

Through JA’s volunteer-delivered JA Career Success classroom program, coupled with the JA Job Shadow program at key regional STEM companies,  students will benefit from experiential hands-on learning from multiple experts in the classroom and in the field, sparking the imaginations of future generations of Brevard’s workforce.
JA Career Success equips students with the knowledge required to get and keep a job in high-growth industries. Students will explore the crucial workplace skills employers seek but often find lacking in young employees. Students also will learn about valuable tools to find that perfect job, including resumes, cover letters, and interviewing techniques.
JA Job Shadow prepares students to be entrepreneurial thinkers in their approach to work. In-class sessions prepare students for a visit to a professional work environment, where they will face a series of challenges administered by their workplace hosts. Students learn how to research career opportunities and the skills needed to land and keep their dream job.
SPONSORSHIPS At $1,000 per classroom, regional STEM, STEM manufacturing, medical, and contracting businesses can sponsor a classroom of Brevard students to experience both JA Career Success and JA Job Shadow at their company.
GET STARTED! Companies interested in participating, contact Anne Conroy-Baiter at aconroybaiter@jaspacecoast.org. Teachers, contact Candice Hodge at chodge@jaspacecoast.org or call 321.777.0982

2017 JA Workforce Flyer